Domain Name Registrars

This lesson discusses the domain name registrars and the critical factors that you need to consider before choosing a registrar for your website.

We’ll cover the following

  • Domain Name
  • Domain Name Registrar
  • How to Choose the Right Domain Name Registrar?
    • Pricing
    • Customer Support
    • Additional Features
  • Things to look out for!
    • Poor Domain Management System:
    • Add-ons

Domain Name

Once you have finalized the website design and implementation, then you would need a short and simple name to go with it. We refer to this name as “Domain Name”. But there is a procedure that you need to follow in order to link that name with your website.

Domain Name Registrar

You need a domain registrar to register and purchase a domain name for your website. All domain name registrars are approved under ICANN (the non-profit organization that manages the domain name system). The domain name system makes it possible to name our websites with cool and easy-to-remember names, otherwise we would have to remember the long confusing IP addresses for each website.

Most of the registrar offerings provide a fixed of similar features but additionally include disadvantages so usually choose accurately. There are hundreds of domain name registrars available at the internet nowadays. Before you choose a site name registrar, you want to do a little studies and list down the professionals and cons of each service along side your necessities and belongings you need to recall. These are the most popular ones:

How to Choose the Right Domain Name Registrar?

If you have decided the domain name for your website then the next step is to choose the right domain name registrar. Choosing the right domain name registrar can be a real headache as there are hundreds of services available and it is hard to pick out one when all of them offer similar set of features. Given below is a list of factors that you must consider before going for any registrar:


Pricing is the most critical factor among all! You will come across a plenty of pricing options while searching for domain registrars. The prices are mostly charged at an annual rate or at the period of two, three or sometimes even more number of years.

It is highly recommended that your do the purchasing on annual basis as it gives you the opportunity to switch to a another registrar if needed. You must also confirm if the registrar provides the auto-renewal option. When the domain expires after the completion of the period, there is a high possibility that someone else might purchase it. So it is highly recommended that you look for a registrar that reminds you to renew your domain registration. Also, make sure to read if they add any additional charges for reminders and renewal of the registration.

Customer Support

It is often the case that you end up with a registrar that is not too expensive but has a very poor customer support. In the long run, it causes a lot of trouble and eventually you have to shift to a better registrar. Always make sure that their customer support responses on time and are actually helpful so you can get in touch with them if something goes wrong on your website. To find that out, you can either read reviews online or drop them an email and see how quickly they respond.

Additional Features

A lot of registrars offer extra features in addition to just registering your domain. You must carefully consider the set of services that you might need in the future and see if the registrar provides those services. For example, do they hold onto your domain when the subscription expires? (Your competitors might purchase the domain name once the subscription expires and it goes available for sale, this concept is called Drop-Catching). Do they allow purchasing certificates for your website? Do they allow domain transferring? If yes, then look up for their transferring policy and any additional charges. Some registrars do it free of cost but require you to complete a certain period of time (60 days approximately). Can it also host your website? Does the registrar provides you privacy protection? It is suggested that you list down a few registrars and see which of them offer these extra features. It’s always convenient to keep everything at one place so always look for a service which provides all these features.

Things to look out for!

We are also listing down some points that you need to look out for in order to avoid registering with a bad domain registrar.

Poor Domain Management System:

After registering the domain with any registrar, there is a list of tasks that you need to perform in order to make your website running successfully. For example, setting up DNS server, adding DNS settings, generating email accounts or setting up CMS for website. You need to make sure that the Domain Management System is user-friendly and not too confusing to use so you can perform all these steps without any problems.


Most of the registrars are straightforward and transparent with their customers during the billing process and share the details when any extra money is being charged. But there are a few which include hidden charges for features that you might have added in your package without knowing. So always look out for these things before making a purchase!

In the next lesson, we will look at the steps required in order to register a domain name with any registrar!

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