How to earn money online, 8 Passive Income Ideas

In this post i want to talk about the eight passive income ideas that you need to know if you want to start earning online. Now this is not going to be like the typical post i am going to give you step by step process that you need to follow if you want to actually make money from these sources. It’s going to be an in-depth post but I hope that you will get value from this one and that is all that i want on this website.

Before we start i want to give you an honest definition of Passive Income. Passive income is a way for you to make money in which first of all you build the product and then you can sell it multiple times without you having to do the same amount of work every single time that’s what passive income is all about. I’ll give you various examples throughout this post so that you can get more comfortable with this.

Definition of passive income always remember that passive income does not mean that you do not have to do any work that is not what passive income is it’s all about building out the systems and they can pay out afterwards even when you’re not working on it that’s what passive income is all about. One of the best people to follow is Pat Flynn if you want to learn more about how to generate passive income for your career but moving on let’s talk about the first way for you to generate passive income.

Creating & Selling Ebooks

That is going to be selling Ebooks online. How do you start with this process it’s very easy what you do is first of all think about an idea that you want to share with the world. How to actually publish it, it’s very simple I first of all just went out with a google talk and i started writing down exactly what i want to write in this Ebook and that is how my Ebook came to life but once that is done the next step for you is to actually publish it so that people can actually buy it easily from wherever they want to and the best way to actually do that is with the help of Amazon.

Now amazon has a service called as Amazon Kindle direct publishing also called as amazon kdp the way this works is very simple you take your doc file of the book that you have you upload it on amazon kdp once you’ve made your account and then you create a cover for it and once it is approved it is available on the amazon platform which is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms out there in the world this is the easiest way for you to get started with publishing your books it is completely free they do not charge any money you can upload your Ebook and people can buy it in the e-book format they can buy it in the paperback format as well as in the hardcover format.

How much do you get to keep that’s a very important question so you get to keep about 50 of whatever amazon makes from the Ebook now the way this works is that you have to put out more than one or two Ebooks for you to be actually successful as an Ebook writer so what you do is think about all the things that you are passionate about. It doesn’t need to be one like a skill it could be a story that you want to write it could be just anything that is interesting to you or if you are into you know maybe finance or even into motivation you can create books that talk about certain personalities or certain events there are tons of books you will find on amazon that talk about you know 10 lessons I learned from Warren Buffet. There’s a complete book that someone has wrote on that seven investing methodologies that you can try out in which they talk about all of the most successful investors in the world right now so there are tons of examples put your head into it so that’s the first way to make money with the help of Ebooks.

Selling Online Courses

The second one is going to be the most cliche one that you might have heard from everyone and that is selling your courses. Always keep in mind that when you’re trying to teach something to someone make sure that you have a good understanding about how it works now there are some bad apples in this field as well people who try to tell you that you can achieve this dream to live independently and you can make tons of money if you buy this particular course.

But generally speaking building a course and sharing your knowledge is a great thing overall right you can help people out you can charge a minimal fee and it will be a great thing for both of you so that’s basically what you need to keep in mind creating a course is not the problem the problem is do you really have the expertise to talk on that matter and if you do then that is very good so create a course in which you can share everything that you have now once.

It is created there are tons of platforms on which you can host the course. You can learn everything about this particular field once you create the course you can sell it multiple times to anyone out there so you spend let’s just say one complete month on building out a master class type of a course and you sell that to.

It is created there are tons of platforms on which you can host the course. You can learn everything about this particular field once you create the course you can sell it multiple times to anyone out there so you spend let’s just say one complete month on building out a master class type of a course and you sell that to.

Create & Sell Design Templates

Your design templates this could be through canva so you can create a template for people to download for people to use and you can upload it on whatever platform that you want right you can upload it on platforms taking Fiverr you have you know redbubble you have etsy you have so many of these platforms on which you can upload these you also have gum road if you want to sell these digital products and you can make money passively doing so the idea behind is that if you’re good at design or if you like to just you know just make something beautiful use that and make an actual template.

Well because it’s a one-time purchase you can ask a lot more then you would if you were creating every thumbnail yourself there’s also something called as canva create which is going to be a marketplace where you can sell these templates that you create on canva to everyone out there. This is the third way for you to make money passively and now let’s move on to the rest of the passive income ideas.

Earn from Google Adsense

The fourth way for you to make money is going to be with the help of google adsense if you are good at writing or if you are good at creating videos and many times what happens is that these videos get ranked in search algorithm in the youtube search for certain keywords for example if you just search for something like you know how to get coursera courses something like that you will find that the first few videos a because of that a ton of people will continue to watch they’re still continuing to give revenue every single day and that’s the beauty of google adsense once you get it searched once you get it ranked on google search or youtube search particularly it will keep getting you that sweet ad revenue and that is another way for you to make money passively.

Building software and games

Now the fifth way to make money passively online is going to be with the help of building and selling your software and games now there is just so much I can talk about this particular topic code is something that I am a huge proponent of for the past years I have promoted everyone out there to just learn to code once and see how it actually feels with the help of code you can build out games you can build out softwares that you can launch online.

And if it is actually good learn to actually market it right this is amazing book called as Make By Peter levels in which he’s talking about how to actually launch a project a website an application yourself without the need to get any funding how to acquire users and how to generate revenue with the help of that right so it’s an amazing book that you should check out if you want to learn more about it and in this book he basically talks about how you can actually start marketing it right so what sources can you use he talks about how to actually build a software and then launch it just you working on that software and earning through that you’re a single person company basically that’s basically how that works you can sell your business you can sell your games.

You can install you know google ads and then you can earn revenue through that or you can also offer some in-app purchases and you can make money through that you will see a ton of apps on google play they might be on the top crossing chart and so if you can get your application in the top 100 list of google play then you will have a lot of potential to get a ton of users .

Uploading photos/videos on stock footage platforms

And hence the revenue another great way to make money passively is with the help of uploading your pictures or your videos on stock footage platforms so once you think that you have a great camera or you have a great phone and you can record some really nice shots and really enjoy photography you enjoy recording videos you can actually upload these on these platforms and people can actually buy it.

This is your opportunity to create more stock footages to create more you know videos or graphics or icons or whatever it is right logos and presentation templates or whatever it is that you can sell on platforms like Envato you can sell it on theme forest and there’s just a ton of marketplaces out there for you to sell these things so get into this thing learn about it and start exploring.

Affiliate Marketing

The next way to make passive income is with the help of affiliate marketing now this is a broad af field what i mean by that is you can do affiliate marketing in so many different ways right i’ll share my own experience i have seen a ton of these reels in which a person shows that here is an amazing gadget and this is what this gadget actually does and in the caption of every single reel they will always say link in bio to buy this product now if something is cool if something is viewed by millions of people out there you can be assured of getting a ton of sales so what you basically do is you drop ship all of the items and you find out what is it that is interesting make a reel out of that and then put it out on on all of these platforms you can do that on youtube on instagram and have the link for that people can click on then they can just purchase it there are some complications with this of course.

I’m not saying that this is the easiest thing to do but that’s what you have to do one more example is let’s just say that you upload a funny dog short on youtube and with that in the description you can put out the links of let’s just say some products that people can click on this is not the best way to make money I am not saying that you will make thousands of dollars into this but there is a possibility that you can make money with the help of it so what you do is that you go on to Cuelinks sign in become and become an affiliate try to find out products which have great reviews as well as a high commission for you these could be courses that you can sell as an affiliate these could also be physical products that you can sell so the list just goes on and on but this is one way in which you can do that there are tons of ways in which people make money with the help of affiliate marketing.

Selling Game Assets

Now let’s move on to the next way to make money passively and that is with the help of selling character designs specifically these are called as sprites right so every single character that you might see in a game they have different movements right and depending on those movements they will be having different sprites that they can create these could be spreads for a character these could be sprites for some particular object in a game this could be sprites for pretty much anything out there you can sell this complete bundle of assets on the unity store and you can make money.

Through that there are tons of ways in which you can sell these there are a ton of platforms that allow you to actually sell these and you can make money with the help of doing so this is very much similar to selling your ebooks just build it once and then you can start selling it on all of these other platforms there are ton of game developers out there who are not good at design so what they end up doing is just

go on to these platforms and they end up buying all of these character sprites instead of making it themselves maybe because of time constraint maybe because they are just not good at design particularly so that’s where you come into place that’s how you can make money passively by just making it once and selling it multiple times the last way to make money is with the help of play-to-one games.

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