Microprocessor 8086

Introduction to Microprocessor

A microprocessor is an electronic chip that acts as the central processing unit (CPU) of a computer.

Microprocessor based systems with limited resources are called microcomputer.

Almost all the microprocessors use the basic concept of “stored program execution” using which the programs are stored sequentially in memory locations.

The microprocessors fetch the instructions one after the other and execute them in its arithmetic and logic unit.

microprocessor 8086
Microprocessor 8086

Each microprocessor will have its own associated set of instructions.

Programs are called Assembly Level Language and then they are converted into binary machine level language. This conversion may be done manually or using an application known as Assembler.

In general, the programs are written by the user for a microprocessor to work with the real world data.

A microprocessor based system needs a set of memory units, a set of interfacing circuits for inputs and a set of interfacing circuits for outputs. All circuits applied along with the microprocessor are called microcomputer systems.

Examples of some common devices that are using microprocessor are computers, printers, automobiles, washing machines, microwave ovens, mobile phones etc.

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