These Windows 11 users are upset with Microsoft

There is bad news for users of virtual machine (VM) software. Microsoft has revealed that Windows 11 will no longer run on all virtual machines after the latest early access release, as TechRadar reports. The company has explained in its changelog that the latest Windows 11 preview version only supports virtual machines that have TPM 2.0 protection. This is a requirement that also applies to laptops and PCs running the new Windows 11 operating system.

TechRadar shares that this announcement wasn’t exactly unexpected, but it will further annoy users who are already put off by the hardware requirements of Windows 11.

Currently, only a few VM services are eligible to run the latest preview version of Windows 11. And this means, by extension, that only a few are supported to run the release version that will be officially released on May 5. October. Microsoft says virtual machines built with the company’s own hypervisor, which comes free with Windows 10 Pro, will run Windows. 11 if they are configured as “Generation 2” virtual machines. Additionally, as Neowin reported, VMware Workstation Pro meets the new TPM requirement.

It is currently unclear if other popular virtualization services, such as Oracle VirtualBox and Citrix Hypervisor, meet the necessary requirements.

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